so it’s past 5am here in manila and my collective and i are AWAKE. of course.
we just came back from aristocrat and chow king – lol, food and then halo halo, of course.

anyways, this is where we are staying – can’t wait to watch the sun come up, all these windows??? omgosh.

carlos told a little bit of history about this artist loft…marcos lived here, his mistress (one of) lived here, runner up of miss universe lived here, some german dude died here and his ashes were spread over the stairwell…

the windows, doors and furniture throughout this whole building are so regal it’s redonkulous.

dear philippines,
i’m here.



One response to “THE LIVING ROOM…

  1. Aristocrat = spot the Palanca family frequently visited in the 90s! Yeah!
    Update a lot, OK?
    Living vicariously through you all.

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