Handa Ka Na?  Opo, Handa Na Kami!

Are You Ready?  Yes, We are Ready!

The Living Room

It is our third day in Manila, Philippines and we had the opportunity to get adjusted to our jetlag and get used to the hot weather. For me, I am so glad to feel warm sun on my face and even the smog is quite okay with me. In The Living Room, where the collective is staying, we can see Manila Bay right outside our window as the sun shines in.

Today we were up and out of the house at 8 am to attend our FIRST outing and official exchange with Carlos Celdran. We set off to observe and participate in his tour of Intramuros. I must say that it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go on it again to absorb more of the history and art and well…everything! We took key notes on how we will re-create Intramuros in Toronto! We are so excited…But that’s all we can tell you for now.  😉

Fort Santiago

Intramuros is a tour of such breathtaking architecture that marks our historical past, which has been or can be seen (depending on the individual) as either enlightening and/or a deceptive illusion. We started in Fort Santiago, learned about Jose Rizal (Philippine’s National Hero), toured San Augustin Church, learned about the American colonial period, Japanese occupation during WWII, plus we also visited Casa Manila. The experience of the tour set a great tone to the history of our roots as Filipinos. It was amazing to hear a lot of statements and facts that I didn’t know about this diverse country. On top of it all, Carlos’ animated and enthusiastic presence added humour and interest to the often heavy (bigat!…talaga!) historical content,  contrasted by such beautiful scenery.

Confession Jen

As I sit here blogging, Alex, Tiff and Ilona are setting up paper lantern balloons for tomorrow night’s event Manila Transitio 1945.

The Kilusan Collective will be involved in this event so, please keep yourself posted for pics and statements!!

Thanks to all those who have supported us on our Exchange thus far. We are glad that you are following our movements and hope that you are enjoying our blogs to electronically observe and empathize with our journey…as artists and Filipino/Filipina Canadians. We encourage you to respond to our blogs and give feedback and if you have – we so love to read your thoughts!

We are artists. We are Filipino. = We want to share all of this with you. PROUD.


Jennifer Maramba



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  2. guys! you guys should try and go to the Francis M. memorial — this guy was reppin’ Filipino pride and hip-hop when we were just kiddies…

    sad day

  3. dudes. go see UpDharmaDown at Saguijo. (jen, this is that singer you like). they are playing there on the 21st. tomorrow they perform at Ride And Roll if you can make it. try not to miss it and say hi to armi (the singer, just talked to her) for me.

  4. romeo, talaga! that’s on our itinerary! I’m sooo not gonna miss it. We have an artist talk at Green Papaya to hear Mark Salvatos (street artist:grafitti) then after we go to Saguijo! Can’t wait to hear her live!

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