Just wanted to drop a few before breakfast. Today will be a frenzy of practice and preparation for tonight, Manila Transitio 1945.

A few days ago, before we took the official tour, Ria took us on a brief walk-through of tonight’s version of the Intramuros tour. On this beautiful Manila morning we saw, to our delight, an Anda Street. We thought, haha hey cool, we have a friend named Anda, lols, kodak tayo! But it led me to wonder, as far as I know, my dear Romanian-born friend Anda did not have a Filipino namesake. So who or what is Anda? Luckily for me, Carlos’ knowledge as an historian extends far beyond the scripts of his tours, and without even a glance at google, I had my answer.

Here, somewhat paraphrased, is what Carlos had to say:

Simón de Anda y Salazar was an arrogant little Governor General of Manila. In 1762, the Philippines was given to Britain due to the Seven Years War between France and Britain. Since Spain was an ally of France, they were pummeled by the Brits, and the Philippines was given up as part of the bounty of war. So we were British for two years. The war actually ended. But nobody knew about it for two years because it took two years for the news to get here! And the man who was tasked to take back the Philippines for Spain was Governor General Simón de Anda y Salazar. But in order to make it seem like a victory, and with much fanfare, he built an Anda monument which stands in front of Intramuros today.

Innnneresting, deba? So there you have it folks, Anda Street. Many thanks to Virgil and Olympia for arbritrarily naming their daughter Anda, so that one day I would have the curiosity to seek out this small corner of Philippine history, and share it with you.

Here is my question to you, readers. What street do you live on? Do you know its story? Find out, tell me, tell the boxes below, so we can tell the world.

Toronto, meet Manila. Manila, meet Toronto.



  1. We live on Padre Burgos St. here in Calamba City (Laguna). and yes, we know the story as many do here. he was one of the GOMBURZA priests (Gomburza is an acronym for Fathers Mariano Gómez, José Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora). The three Filipino priests who were executed on February 17, 1872 by Spanish colonial authorities on trumped-up charges of subversion arising from the 1872 Cavite mutiny. Their unjust execution enraged and left a profound and bitter effect on many Filipinos, especially José Rizal, the national hero, who, himself, suffered a mock trial leading to his execution.

    Father Burgos was Spanish Mestizo, a Doctor of Philosophy whose prominence extended even in Spain.The so-called Cavite Mutiny of workers in the arsenal in the naval shipyard over pay reduction owing to increased taxation produced a willing witness to implicate the three priests, who were summarily tried and sentenced to death by ‘garrote.’ (Arghhh… Picture that in your mind…)Father Gómez, the oldest, went to his death heroically. Father Zamora, the youngest, guileless and totally befuddled, died with a whimper. Father Burgos, hoping for a reprieve which never came and scanning the distance till the very last moment, met his death soaked in his own tears.

    History can bring morbid images sometimes…but that’s what happened. And it should be told anyway.

    Btw, we are somehow neighbors with Gat Rizal…enviable huh!

  2. first let me say I an on my iPod so its not thebest medium to type with. Why am I not on my computer?? I am at work and can’t use those Mofos. That being said I did actually look up Soudan ave but that lead to one page then another and really its too early in the morning to deal with iPod interface and googling. But to make up for the complete an d utter lack of knowledge pertaining to the provided subject I will impart some knowledge to the wise…green buildings (sustainable ones not the colour) were comissioned by corporations to raise productivity and reduce costs which has and may lead use towards more open and natural societies.
    I know it isn’t much but its the only book I got right now. Anyway, its about 816 am here so it should being the pm there so i hope the show is or was great. Time.. Craziness of a thing you are.j

  3. This day, on which I am sick and stuffed your post made my soul warm and heart swell. I miss you guys tons. I am in awe of just how amazing your journey is shaping up to be. You guys look sunny and happy to be absorbing every moment of it. So proud of you.

  4. oh and keep me with you like I am in one of your pockets.

  5. Anda, you’re everywhere! you’re more then CityTV!

  6. i must say tho, what an interesting history the Philippines have. You guys are fortunate to have essentially and artist/historian literally right next to you.

    what about the contemporary issues tho? Environment? population? poverty? all problems that can be relevant to all nations. My instructor pointed this site out to me and is apparently a program in operation in the Philippines.

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