So, Manila Transitio 1945. What can I even say right now? Still working on that actually…it was a great night, I can say that. Took lots of footage which I hope to have edited for you folks soon. We did a bunch of interviews with a number of the artists involved, my intentions were to edit some snippets of that into just one video. But a couple of these interviews really stood out to me. They were concise, well spoken, but more importantly, seemed to speak directly to me and my contemporaries. So I decided to post them in their entirety, serve a little snack to whet your appetites. I’m not gonna lie to you, the sound is not amazing, it is an outdoor event with music and many people…only a disclaimer to encourage you to make the effort to listen closely.



  1. handa na ako talaga.
    i felt it .
    i know you did.

    p.s. dahil sa yo by nat king cole starts playing in the back, it’s really good, google it.

  2. amazing dudes. poetry and spoken word in manila — these are our siblings in our poetic heritage!

    btw — Myk (and me) ripped it up at Roots Lounge and they bigged up Filipino poets in the Tdot!


  3. oh yeah guys… I’m into ballet, but this looks kinda cool at the CCP.

    coz i know ya’llz are dancers.

  4. amazing, sending love to tito len and myk

    neo-filipino ballet looks interesting. for me, i think ballet is beautiful but it puts me to sleep like a lullaby, so perhaps i’ll pass

    we’re actually supposed to watch this musical based on a comic book about this bading who turns into a female superhero. i know, super wow.

  5. u guys are seeing zsa zsa zaturnah! Hilarity. Btw I realized that I said I AM into ballet, but i meant I’m NOT.
    Great work guys we’re trying to keep up!

  6. i’m sorry, but i have to ask what is a bading? am i reading this wrong?
    well superhero musical, how bad can it be

  7. bading is slang for gay man, lol.

    unfortunately, we missed the run of zsa zsa zaturnah.

    looks like we’re going to the ballet after all! stay tuned…

  8. ha… yeah it looks pretty cool, not like tutus and spandex

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