So as part of our “Manila meet Toronto, Toronto meet Manila” exchange, we are taking advantage of as much installation space and opportunities as we can…anywhere we can create we are doing so.

This Saturday March 14 is my birthday and here in manila they have a tradition called “blow-out.” Where the birthday recipient takes all his or her friends out for his or her birthday and treat all his or her friends to food, drinks and all other activities that are fun.

The picture above is of my mom’s house in Sta. Mesa, cute right. The collective has helped me organize a birthday blow-out extravaganza. We took a trip to the art supply store the other day and purchased banner paper, scissors, poster paint, chalk, name tags and styrofoam.

The picture below is of the collective making snowflakes for our Torotnto installation. Our plan is to bring snow to Sta. Mesa. We have cut out lots of snowflake templates and are going to include all the street kids in making more – we are going to hang them from the awning and with the styrofoam we purchased we are going to cut out a snowman and have it hanging somewhere.

We are also going to use the right side wall for a projection piece with some of Alex’s pictures, he thought way ahead to bring some snow ones so it fits the theme perfect. With the banner paper we purchased we plan to cover my neighbour’s (who is also my tito (uncle)) jeepney and write “Kilisan Exchange”…gonna see if we can take it for a spin throughout the neighbourhood; be cool if we could swing that.

Lastly with the chalk we plan to just cover the streets with drawings, everyone included – tita’s (aunts), tito’s (uncles), lola’s (grandmothers), lolo’s (grandfathers) at lahat ng bata (all the kids) – lahat (everyone).

Wish you could all be there with us but I know your energy will be sent and we will feel your good vibes.

dear philippines,
last time i celebrated a birthday with you was in ’92, can’t wait for my second.




  1. let it snow!
    let it snow!
    let it snow!

  2. that’s nice. happy birthday ober der. love love love. can you make snowflakes from your teeth?

  3. cool..birthday, birthday, birthday
    happy birthday Tiff.
    that house looks so wicked

  4. awww happy birthday ninja ninja lady

  5. arge! always with the teeth jokes.

  6. Happy Birthday Honey. We are soooooooo very proud of you! We love you!!

    Daddy and Mommy

  7. ❤ awww. parents!!!!!

    [support your children]

  8. Great blog.Continue with this great writing

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