by alex

I haven’t been taking many photos as of yet.  Truthfully my inspiration has been lacking.

Luckily yesterday I could feel it beginning to leak in when I went to an event at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation in QC.  There was a People Power museum there and while I was looking at the collection I started to think again about how much this country and it’s people had gone through.  

The place reminded me of why I come back, of where my heart is.  It’s not in making pretty things and calling it art, and it’s not in having a fun tropical holiday (that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy myself, just not my main purpose).

The museum reminds me of the beauty and hope I find in this country because it’s people have suffered (and then suffered some more) but they fight on.  That’s where I draw my inspiration.  And I am glad for the reminder and hope to take that and begin next week on my Intramuros project…

[note: my apologies to the artists that created these works, I was absent minded in forgetting to make notes of their names.  When I return I will take down the info and post it here.]

This and the above image are of wall length quotes, poems, and songs painted on fabric.



  1. what does the poem say?
    great stuff.

  2. Bayan Ko (Eng Translation):

    My beloved country
    Filipinas is your name
    Pearl of the Orient
    Blest with unblemished beauty
    But alas! robbed of your longed-for freedom
    Always weeping in poverty and pain.

    My country, Filipinas
    Land of gold and flowers
    Love has given her grace and tranquility
    And her radiance and loveliness
    drew rapacious foreigners
    My country, they have imprisoned you
    Thrown you into sorrow and despair.

    Even birds who freely fly
    When caged will struggle to escape
    What more of a country endowed with
    Would she not strive to break free?

    Filipinas, my cherished land
    My home of sorrow and tears
    Always I dream to see you truly free.

    How lovely it is to live in one’s native land
    If there is no slavery and freedom
    reigns supreme
    A people who are now oppressed
    In the morrow shall stand up
    The east will turn a fiery crimson
    And mark the dawn of freedom.

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