On a personal level this has been one of the most gratifying things for me since I’ve been here. Having the opportunity to share art with the street kids (and even some elders) of Sta. Mesa was a true honor. I must admit, it was hard at first to get all the kids to come in and play, draw, paint, craft and even just talk to us, but in the end it became truly overwhelming…in the best way.

Being able to have had the opportunity to recently work with youth and now young children in relation to art, it keeps reinstating how important it is to foster the interests of children. Witnessing the excitement for chalk and paint was beyond my fathom, seeing the concentration and love being put into each and every piece done by each child individually was super passionate and fulfilling.

I know there’s this “stereotype” that all Filipino’s want their children to only become Doctors or Nurse’s – however, even though there is proof that this holds through a lot it still doesn’t stand in all cases.

The arts is a beautiful thing, the freedom of expression through visuals is a gift, the desire to create is captivating and the love for inspiration is never ending.

dear philippines,
i am so inspired by your little things.




  1. This is truly amazing and probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The kids are adorable, but I especially love the photo of the older woman in a lacoste polo, ardently making a snowflake.

    I hope they liked meeting the snowy side of Toronto. Lucky for them, they got to do it without having to weather the cold.

  2. really cute, really nice work too! Filipino kids are, as a generality, really into art. Damn, even the adults are. Even in my circle it’s the case: has anyone out there been to rally in Manila? Have you seen what they can make out of disgarded bottles, styrofoam, and paper mache?!

    It’s only economic necessity that makes Fils want their children to be doctors and nurses, the kids themselves usually want to be artists.

  3. i’m loving this blogpost tif.

  4. That was probably one of the best things i’ve read on this blog in awhile. The visuals are awesome and i can only imagine the warm feelings you must have all experienced. Drawing on concrete! Brings back memories!
    I love the solar system picture. Enjoy ur experiences guys!J

  5. I can’t get tired telling you how PROUD you make me in every little things you do. Daddy asked if your being artistic is from my side of the family — of course, I said from both — ha…ha…ha — but it is so true — tito rodel and tito boy are also both very artistic — di ba! N’way, Salamisim will always be very thankful to you and your kilusan group. after i send this, I will be emailing the site to jeff for Mahkayla — just talked to her — i was very sick (still from my Cuba trip — my coughing is now bronchitis — I was away from work for three days and because of it — i forgot that it was March Break — forgot to ask jeff to bring Maks so daddy and I could have taken her out and spend time with her) ohhh run on sentence na ako — sige, take care and be very extra careful sa mga places na pinupuntahan niyo — did you went with Alex to Bikol? Love you maraming, marami….mom

  6. Hi Tiff,

    I just love my niece Tiff!!! Thank you for sharing your life and talent with these adorable kids…It’s great to see that you are doing something you enjoy and something that brings joy and meaning to other lives.

    Can’t believe you had another bday (I feel old!).

    Love you!!!

    Tita Neng

  7. yo amazing post. definitely a sick way to connect with the community there. pics looks bomb!

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