“The years between 1890 – 1910 are significant to the Filipino because more than 50 years of Spanish rule came to an end, the first Philippine republic was inaugurated and obliterated, and the American occupation of the country was firmly established.”

This book is about how our people, the Filipino’s lived during those times. Many things that we may now take advantage are things that were first established during this time. “The Philippine flag, ice cream, motor cars, the telephone…and most important topics of the Revolution, education, religion, costumes, love, house construction and furniture.”

The Turn of the Century is “a guidebook to the age and a veritable mine of information on the period. It’s 300 vintage pictures make the book valuable visual references as well.”

All that aside – this book is mind blowing. Everything about it makes me want to be here and explore.

This is it right now, straight up.

dear philippines,
i am so blown away about your history, tell me more.



2 responses to “TURN OF THE CENTURY

  1. Are you guys going to bring that back? I would love to take a look at housing construction and furniture…yeah i guess some of the history too 😛

  2. WOW. This book is too much!

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